Casa Karuna

Casa Karuna is a space that invites learning, inner knowledge and the use of tools and products that allow to expand consciousness.

Located in Chula Vista, California is the meeting point for relaxing through therapies, facilities, exercises and urban orchards. It offers face-to-face and online courses. It is a space that invites you to be yourself, without judgments and to follow your knowledge.

La Casa Karuna

La Casa Karuna is a virtual platform that offers classes, sessions, courses, challenges and products focused on the well-being and awakening of consciousness.

It is a community that brings together instructors and suppliers of products and services with a large audience of followers and customers that facilitates communication, interaction and promotion.

Thanks to the automation of appointments, holistic therapies, exercises, meditations, challenges, courses and so on, the facilitator can create face-to-face or online courses, easily accessible to all his followers.


To be the global learning community that, thanks to automation, manages to integrate instructors and suppliers with a wide audience of followers, which allows them to make their talents known to the world.


To be the inspiration for us in the global community to contribute to each other for the benefit of each other and the planet. To be the world’s largest learning platform.



Awake consciousness and raise awareness in all areas of life.


Promote the creation of a more nutritious and contributive energy for the community and the planet.


Develop visionaries to update the global perspective through technology.


Inspire happiness and purpose.


Unite the most joyous community in the planet.


Facilitators are professionals with years of expertise.