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⚛️ Sexuality, sex, sensuality, pleasure, copulation are areas that continue to be highly judged and condemned in this reality and at the same time are the most generative, nutritious and powerful energies … what a contradiction!
In this class we will first clean up what limits you to perceive and take ownership of these energies and then to create the sexual reality that you want to have.

⚛️ What would your life be like if you allowed yourself to receive and create more pleasure not only during copulation but all the time?

⚛️ How could you use these energies to your advantage (and not necessarily creating babies …)?

⚛️ How much joy and fun would it generate in your life, in your body and around you?

⚛️ Do you allow yourself to be sexually present and become the catalyst for change?

🧩An invitation to BEING with your body and YOU in a very different way

🗓 February 8th

⏰ 7:00PM to 8:30PM – Pacific Time

💻 Online

🎯 $35 USD